Blog 5: Important of Leadership Skill

Lui Bei



“Only wisdom and virtue can truly win men’s devotion.” – Liu Bei

“Effective Leader is not only dividing the task to the employees in the organisation, but also understanding what they are good at. Furthermore, building the good relationship is necessary to encourage the willingness of employees for achieving the best piece of work.” – Mrs. Vimolmas Ngouvisitkul (My Mother)

“Interpersonal, Team Working and Decision Making Skills are very important to be the powerful leader in the business. Without all of them, the organisation cannot become successful in the long term period since everyone has the difference directions and difference goals.” – Mr. Sukhit Ngouvisitkul (My Father)

Here are the important phrases  that I learn from my parent and Liu Bei’s philosophy. Both methods influence for me to guide the positive leadership style into the organisation. From my experience background, I am always a leader in the team while I studied in bachelor’s degree in marketing at the Assumption University in Thailand. However, I could not motivate my teammates in doing the group project effectively. But after I learn any knowledge from my parent combining with this philosophy, I become clearly understand how is influenced of effective leadership and I strongly believe that I will be the successful business man in the future.

I have learned to lead others by observing my parent’s working and working as the assistance manager in my parent business. Moreover, attending the lecture class of leading in changing world is good for me to know the concept of leading others in the team. At the beginning point, I observed my parent’s working to understand how they manage their company. Sometimes, my parent taught me the general knowledge of their business sector which is steel and metal sheet trader. By the way, studying in leading in changing world subject at Coventry University London Campus will be helpful for me to improve more in Leadership Skill. Everyone in my team must be the leader to manage the work and time in working as a team effectively. So, I could have good opportunity to practice and show my leadership skill into my subordinates for motivating them to get the best consequence in working. From this case, I strongly concern that I will use all learning techniques of leadership skill from studying in leading in changing world class to work in my parent’s business in the future.

My colleagues feedback are valuable for me to maintain my strengths and develop my weaknesses. My latest team working is about doing the mid-term group assignment in Finance, Funding and Legislative Framework Subject while I am studying in MBA program at Coventry University, London Campus in U.K. I played as a role of leader in team who must lead my team members to achieve the best assignment with the best result of grade. However, I found major challenge with my team members in the beginning. I tried to force my team members to do their tasks based on my order only and they must finish on my appointment time. This leadership style is autocratic style that may not be effective in nowadays because my team members have some arguments in my ideas toward our group assignment. From this case, I decided to change my leadership style into democratic style by giving more respect to my team members in order to collaborate effective with my team members. So, everyone in team can communicate and share their ideas freely while my team members also follow my order to work finished on time. Finally, our mid-term group assignment result got merit grade in this subject because of effectively in team working from changing leadership style.

In conclusion, I think that Leadership Skills are necessary for my chosen industry to be able to manage my parent’s businesses effectively in the future. If I cannot use leadership skills effectively, I cannot continue to manage my parent’s business. From this case, I need to understand and improve my Leadership Skills to motivate and maintain my existing coworkers of my parent’s business to work in the same direction. The feedback I have received from my colleagues teaches me that leaders are not only ordering the tasks to their subordinates and using own personal ideas, but they must lead and motivate team members to participate with satisfaction and acceptance to do their task. In order to do this thing, I should adapt my leadership style and management while concerning the ethical leadership for leading my subordinates effectively.